Thursday, February 11, 2010

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NEW~ Fluid Pudding was dazzled by the high tech features, especially the Blind Spot Information System. Get a closer look at her MKT.

Gen, from Quadville, felt very stylish and enjoyed test driving the MKT. “The kids cried when it was time to say goodbye.” Read about the features she loved.

Jenny, from Three Kid Circus, said "We had an absolute blast discovering all the super-fun bells and whistles on the MKT - and this experience has opened up a whole new world of must-haves for our future next car."

“I got admiring stares from people at stop lights and a curious glance from a TV star who lives across the street.” Said Sweatpantsmoms. See what else she loved about the MKT.

Whitney, of Rookie Moms, took her MKT on a road trip to Disneyland. She loved all the space it had for luggage. She even gave a recommendation about the MKT to an interested passerby along the way. Read more.

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