Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Verizon Fios

What do I like about Verizon FIOS?

For one, right now we have an antenna, so that means snowy pictures, shows that come in with bits and pieces missing, so anything other than antenna sounds WONDERFUL to me right about now.

The first thing that I love the sound of is that it's weather resistant due to the fiber optic cable. Right now when we have wind, rain, snow or the slightest chance of anything our TV goes haywire. It would be terrific to have reliable reception and constant streaming channels.

The second thing that sounds divine is the flex-view option. The example I was given is: "you missed The King’s Speech in the theater and prefer watching it on FIOS TV on-demand from the comfort of your living room anyway. You rented it late last night and weren’t able to finish it. With Flex View on FiOS TV, you can finish watching it on your mobile phone while waiting in the car pool line." How awesome is this? I would love to be able to watch part of my show at home, then have it streaming to my phone for when I'm sitting in traffic not moving. No, I would not watch it while driving, but for those times where the turnpike is not budging, this would be perfect!

The third reason is the fast internet connection. Our internet comes and goes, and when it is functioning it's very slow. If I try to watch a video on youtube my screen says "streaming" for about 5 minutes before I'm able to watch the 40 second video clip. It's just not worth it sometimes. With Verizon FIOS I wouldn't have to worry about this!

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